Arts + Culture

Emily Holden // What parts of your life do you give 100 percent to?

16 October 2014 | Comment Here

Emily’s music is a combination of violin with beats, electronic textures, and pop vocals. She began playing the instrument from the age of six, being trained classically. From that start point she has branched out to incorporate other styles and genres into her writing, making music that’s very much representative of her passions and interests. From WOW TALKS // […]

Architecture + Design

Marvin Amberg // When you wake up in the morning, do you look forward to your work?

15 October 2014 | Comment Here

Marvin Amberg is the co-founder of caseable, a Brooklyn and Berlin based company that offers customization of mobile accessories and provides artists with an innovative canvas to sell their work. Although always seeking an entrepreneurial life, Marvin started to work for a large investment bank after school. At age 25 he took the chance, left his job in Germany and […]

Architecture + Design

Michael Stern // Are we living with a limited number of smiles?

14 October 2014 | Comment Here

Michael brings extensive creative experience to Stonehenge having worked throughout Europe and Israel designing events and lifestyle celebrations. He is renowned for transforming space into dynamic, interactive comfort zones. In his talk he speaks about how his childhood in the US, experiences of studio 54 and subsequent move to Israel informed his current career designing real estate that aims to […]

Arts + Culture

Dream Rockwell // What excites you?

13 October 2014 | Comment Here

Dream Rockwell talks about what inspired her to do all the things she enjoys in her career, from stage production and event management to music and performance. Through Lucent Dossier Experience, a modern, engaging and interactive circus show, she has found a way to bring together her many skills and passions into one dynamic whole.… From WOW TALKS // […]

Business + Finance

Jeroen Geut // Are you living big enough?

3 July 2014 | Comment Here

As an experienced public speaker, Jeroen is dynamic and exciting with an in-depth knowledge of accounting and finance. Bridging his experience of both the UK and the Netherlands, he has been able to prepare companies for investment, lead them through the startup phase and helped to achieve significant growth and efficiencies. People say his story and actions are an inspiration, […]