Film + Photography

Sabrina Thompson – If someone made a movie about your life so far, would you pay to see it?

15 March 2015 | Comment Here

Sabrina Thompson is the owner of Kuu productions (, a dynamic media production company. Her photography and social justice campaigns have been featured on Entertainment Tonight, People Magazine, Huffington Post, ESSENCE, EBONY, CBS, NBC and more. She’s also the co-founder of WEEN (Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network), an NYC based women’s nonprofit with over 40,000 members. She is currently directing […]

Film + Photography

Reka Nyari: What are you waiting for?

11 March 2015 | Comment Here

Reka moved back to NYC in 2004 and started her career as a photographer. She works and plays in New York City, creating Fashion Editorials, campaigns, CD covers, artistic portraits, and erotic photography. Her work has been exhibited in numerous galleries in the US and Europe and appeared in many magazines, including Esquire, Vanity Fair and Tatler. In 2010, she […]

Film + Photography

Gage Woodle: What are you doing to empower the imagination?

10 March 2015 | Comment Here

Gage’s background is in adolescent crisis counselling but he’s also been working in the entertainment business for over 10 years. As a counsellor Gage spent years working in institutions guiding people towards better lives. As an actor, writer and producer he spent years on and behind the screen creating fantasy lives. His dream of creating a community where these two […]

Health + Wellbeing

Alexis Garnaut Miller // What’s getting your attention right now?

28 February 2015 | Comment Here

Alexis Garnaut-Miller combines Human Resources with Buddhist Teachings to inspire a ‘Mindful Revolution’ for individuals and workplaces to improve happiness. As Founder of The Happiness Centre and The Laughing Buddha Retreats, she demonstrates how easy it is to discover liberation from human suffering by living a heart-centred, spiritual and mindful life. From THE MINDFUL REVOLUTION, Thursday 12th Feb […]