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Colin Hegarty: Are you paying attention?

Colin Hegarty // Are you paying attention?

12 December 2014 | Comment Here

Colin is an award meeting maths teacher at Preston Manor, having won the Teaching Awards Teacher of the Year for Outstanding Use of Technology in Education this year. In his talk he explains why he left a solid career in the financial sector to pursue his dream of being a teacher. From WOW TALKS // PRESTON MANOR, Thursday 27th […]

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Gage Woodle - What are you doing to empower the imagination?

Gage Woodle: What are you doing to empower the imagination?

10 March 2015 | Comment Here

Gage’s background is in adolescent crisis counselling but he’s also been working in the entertainment business for over 10 years. As a counsellor Gage spent years working in institutions guiding people towards better lives. As an actor, writer and producer he spent years on and behind the screen creating fantasy lives. His dream of creating a community where these two […]

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Dolly May // What else could be in your voice?

1 May 2014 | Comment Here

Dolly May is a versatile vocalist born in the north of England. Her lifelong obsession with all things vocal saw her move to London in 2009 to train as a voice coach. She now resides in North London where she works as a professional voice coach alongside her career as a performing vocalist. Dolly May’s upbringing through the English and […]