wow [wau]

(v) to arouse great enthusiasm in​
(n) Words Of Wisdom

Our Mission

1) To ​WOW​ individuals, communities and organizations with events that are full of positive energy and rich with insightful content
2) To collect​,​ archive and share personal stories ​ and ​Words Of Wisdom​ ​(WOW) and ​from people of all professional backgrounds and career stages
3) To become a source of inspiration for people to follow their own dreams and create a life ​doing what ​they love

About WOW Talks

WOW Talks delivers engaging live events and online video content that inspires people to reconnect with their WHY – their purpose – so they can attain greater fulfilment in their professional lives.

Using a unique format of multiple short talks, WOW Talks events create an insightful, entertaining and inspiring experience. The
events feature people from different industries, cultures and disciplines who are committed to creating a life doing what they love
most and who share their personal stories and Words Of Wisdom (WOW).

WOW Talks Global CIC is a social enterprise.