Story and Vision


WOW Talks was founded in 2009 by Gal Stiglitz as a platform where people could inspire each other to pursue their dream careers through talks and questions, help and advice. Too many people do jobs they have no real interest in or care for, which is a shame given how much of our lives we spend working. Gals’ belief was that if more people went after careers that really satisfied them, they, the people around them and society in general would benefit. In short, the world could be a better place. The talks started in friends houses to a small gathering, until word of mouth helped them grow and move to bigger and more exciting venues in London and around the world.

Our Vision

Our vision is to influence culture for the better, becoming a global community and resource to help people who need a boost, or a little bit of inspiration. We hope to provide a space for like minded people to converse and ask important questions, benefiting from each other and growing as a positive movement towards us realising a better world.