What is WOW Talks?


At heart, WOW Talks is a growing community of people who do what they love and love what they do, and who want to share their insights and experiences with other people. It’s a free online resource and forum for people to find inspiration in the actions of others, and hopefully change their lives for the better. It is also an entertaining and inspirational monthly set of talks, organised around a different theme or profession every time, and taking place in a variety of unique and exciting locations around the world. Each speaker is given nine minutes to summarise their career, why they do it, how they got into it and why they love it, ending their talk with a thought provoking question.

The Format

Up to 9 minutes per person; keep it personal, focus on one key perspective and finish with a question. What is unique about WOW Talks is the focus on the personal perspective and the story behind each person. WOW Talks allows for a unique insight into what matters to people, WHY they do what they do and what led them to make those choices. Speakers are willing to open up, be honest and share their intimate journeys. With WOW Talks we aim to leave people inspired, intrigued and open to new possibilities – for themselves and others. People from all backgrounds and professions are welcome to speak; Artists, Designers, Musicians, Storytellers, Dancers, Performers, Editors, Entrepreneurs, Curators, Social Activists & Pioneers, Scientists, Producers, Authors, Journalists, Teachers, Innovators, Trend Leaders and more. If you think you have a WOW Talk in you, please contact us.