Paradox // What are you making your life mean?

17 February 2013 | Comment Here

” When I have plenty of breath I call myself a one-legged, existentialist, stand-up beat-poet, Inspiration Engineer, Freedom Coach & Destiny Mentor. A title that long should have an epic story behind it and fortunately this one does.”

Jean Philippe Graff // In what ways do you find yourself trying to fit in?

4 June 2015 | Comment Here

JP Linguistics was founded in 2013 by Jean-Philippe (JP) and Thomas Graff. JP, a native French speaker from Nancy, France, met Thomas Graff while completing his Master’s Degree in Linguistics at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, IL. After both graduating, the couple married, settled in New York City and formed, JP Linguistics. The company offers French, Italian, & Spanish instruction […]

Colin Hegarty // Are you paying attention?

12 December 2014 | Comment Here

Colin is an award meeting maths teacher at Preston Manor, having won the Teaching Awards Teacher of the Year for Outstanding Use of Technology in Education this year. In his talk he explains why he left a solid career in the financial sector to pursue his dream of being a teacher. From WOW TALKS // PRESTON MANOR, Thursday 27th […]

Dana Zelicha // Where are your thoughts?

25 February 2015 | Comment Here

Dana Zelicha is an Organisational Psychologist, alumni of the London School of Economics (LSE), and a Faculty Member in the department of Psychology and Brain Research at the IDC (Inter Disciplinary Centre). She specialises in facilitating mindfulness workshops for employees and students worldwide. Her aim is to recover London’s organisational well-being around excessive stress and competitiveness, recruitment difficulties, decision making, […]

Narkis Alon // Are you as alive as you could be?

27 January 2015 | Comment Here

Narkis Alon is the Co-Founder of Elevation, an eco-system incubating people on their career path via technology and entrepreneurship education programs, integrating its students into the high-speed startup economy along the way. She also founded ZeZe in 2011, a social enterprise in which young people volunteer for projects pursuant to their natural passions, each empowering a community in need in […]

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