Max Tuck // What food makes you happy and inspires you?

11 April 2013 | Comment Here

Max Tuck is a raw food scientist. She has been researching nutritional health for over two decades, and lectures nationally on the subject, as well as writing regularly for the Fresh Network’s quarterly magazine “Get Fresh!”. From WOW TALKS // FOOD + DINING, Thursday 28th February 2013, at The Hub, Westminster.

Pui Lan Tsui // How would your body benefit if you began cleansing today?

8 March 2013 | Comment Here

Pui Lan Tsui is a nutritionist specializing in raw food. She talks about the importance of digestive health, not just in terms of related illnesses, but in terms of our overall physical and mental wellbeing. E-mail: From WOW TALKS // HEALTH + WELLBEING // LONDON, Thursday, 7th February 2013, at The Hub Westminster.

Miya Ushida // What goes into the pot to create what you do?

30 January 2013 | Comment Here

Miya discusses architecture in terms of cooking – how her approach to architecture, like cooking, is about taking the available ingredients and putting them together in your own way. From WOW TALKS // ARCHITECTURE, Thursday 31st May 2012, at THE HUB WESTMINSTER

Chloe Scott, Lily Jones & Amy Thorne // The Young British Foodies

15 January 2013 | Comment Here

Chloe Scott, Lily Jones and Amy Thorne tell us about the Young British Foodie Awards, which aims to highlight people in the food world who are doing inspiring and creative things. Through this they want to bring real cooking back to our homes. From WOWTALKS // FOOD & DINING, Thursday, 1 December 2011, at The Hub Westminster.

Paradox with Some Food for Thought

11 January 2013 | Comment Here

The brilliant spoken word artist Paradox gives us a little food for thought. Enjoy! From WOW TALKS // FOOD & DINING, Thursday, 1 December 2011, at The Hub Westminster.  

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