Jessa Messina – How can the concept of death be used to inspire your life?

12 November 2015 | Comment Here

Jessa Messina, founder of YoJo Yoga for the Co and productivity hacker, has 10 years experience bringing yoga into the workplace. Jessa has observed the trends and evolution of the workplace over the last decade, through her company YoJo, she brings knowledge and insights on the obstacles that companies and workers face and the vantage point they receive from yoga […]

Dr David Cox // What would improve in your life if you paid 100% of your attention to it?

27 February 2015 | Comment Here

Dr. David Cox is the Chief Medical Officer for Headspace. He’s a fully qualified doctor, and started life practicing in the Emergency Department for 4 years before embarking on an unusual journey encompassing management consulting, health system design, mental health care innovation and ultimately mindfulness research, where he sees the opportunity to make a positive dent in the universe! […]

Alexis Garnaut Miller // What’s getting your attention right now?

28 February 2015 | Comment Here

Alexis Garnaut-Miller combines Human Resources with Buddhist Teachings to inspire a ‘Mindful Revolution’ for individuals and workplaces to improve happiness. As Founder of The Happiness Centre and The Laughing Buddha Retreats, she demonstrates how easy it is to discover liberation from human suffering by living a heart-centred, spiritual and mindful life. From THE MINDFUL REVOLUTION, Thursday 12th Feb […]

Katrina Love Senn // What area of your life would you like to start healing?

26 February 2015 | Comment Here

Katrina Love Senn is an internationally renowned intuitive and emotional healer, yoga teacher and author of the ground breaking book ‘Losing Weight is a Healing Journey: A Woman’s Guide to Losing Weight Naturally’. She’s also the founder of the online yoga magazine, Yoga Girl Revolution and runs an annual ‘Yoga and Healing Retreat’ in Turkey. From THE MINDFUL REVOLUTION, […]

Dana Zelicha // Where are your thoughts?

25 February 2015 | Comment Here

Dana Zelicha is an Organisational Psychologist, alumni of the London School of Economics (LSE), and a Faculty Member in the department of Psychology and Brain Research at the IDC (Inter Disciplinary Centre). She specialises in facilitating mindfulness workshops for employees and students worldwide. Her aim is to recover London’s organisational well-being around excessive stress and competitiveness, recruitment difficulties, decision making, […]

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