Shama Rahman // What worlds do you connect and how?

1 March 2015 | Comment Here

Shama Rahman is a multi-instrumentalist and singer. She also has an interdisciplinary PhD exploring the Neuroscience of Musical Creativity spanning musicology, psychology and philosophy, and some of her music is conceptually inspired by her research. From THE MINDFUL REVOLUTION, Thursday 12th Feb 2015, at Central Working, London

WOW Shorts // Yazan Al-Jurf

22 May 2014 | Comment Here

“Hello, Getting on to the point, my name is Yazan Al-Jurf. I suffered from a medical condition called Marble Bone which causes bones to be thicker than usual, making my bones more brittle than a normal person’s. This disease has limited me from playing sports, and I was mostly trapped at home when I was a child. Due to being reckless, I […]

Beatrice Garoche // How am I breathing now?

12 March 2013 | Comment Here

Beatrice is a life and breath coach, teaching people not only breathing and relaxation techniques, but also helping them achieve lasting change in both their personal and professional lives. She discusses the amazing benefits focused breathing can bring you every day. From WOW TALKS // HEALTH + WELLBEING // LONDON, Thursday, 7th February 2013, at The Hub Westminster.  

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