Olivia Bradbury // When do you feel in your element?

15 February 2013 | Comment Here

Olivia Bradbury is a singer and member of the vocal trio: Goodbye Leopold. As a group they take singing to interesting and abstract places, such as singing backwards and creating otherworldly melodies. https://soundcloud.com/goodbyeleopold http://www.facebook.com/pages/Goodbye-Leopold/127421070678171 WOW TALKS // PERFORMANCE + DANCE, Thursday 26th April 2012, at The Century Club.

Dana McKeon // Live Talk at Shoreditch House

3 August 2015 | Comment Here

When Dana McKeon discovered the beatbox scene, she decided that there must be more than this provincial life on a Mediterranean island. Stepping outside of her comfort zone, Dana packed her bags and moved to London to become a full time musician.

Paradox // What are you making your life mean?

17 February 2013 | Comment Here

” When I have plenty of breath I call myself a one-legged, existentialist, stand-up beat-poet, Inspiration Engineer, Freedom Coach & Destiny Mentor. A title that long should have an epic story behind it and fortunately this one does.”

Dolly May // What else could be in your voice?

1 May 2014 | Comment Here

Dolly May is a versatile vocalist born in the north of England. Her lifelong obsession with all things vocal saw her move to London in 2009 to train as a voice coach. She now resides in North London where she works as a professional voice coach alongside her career as a performing vocalist. Dolly May’s upbringing through the English and […]

Dana McKeon // When was the last time you noticed the sound of your own breathing?

25 June 2015 | Comment Here

Dana McKeon from Sessions 58 was WOWing the audience at the WOW Talks // Summer Graduate Fair Olympia 10th June 2015! Dana is a Singer-Songwriter, Guitarist & Malta’s international Beatbox pioneer. Her music is a unique display of genre-fusion and versatility, showcasing world-class vocal percussion techniques, a captivating voice and synchronised multi-instrumentalisation.

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