Alexander Polli Speaks About Wingsuit Flying

10 January 2014 | Comment Here

Alexander Polli explains a bit about wingsuit flying, an extreme sport where people skydive from airplanes and off mountains, and essentially fly. He tells us what inspired him to get into this crazy sounding sport, as well as the ins and outs of doing it.

Elizabeth Banks // How big is your bubble of movement?

7 March 2013 | Comment Here

Elizabeth Banks is a personal trainer who focuses on movement and the individual in her approach. She gives us an interesting talk about her career, its highlights and importance. From WOW TALKS // HEALTH + WELLBEING // LONDON, Thursday, 7th February 2013, at The Hub Westminster.

Elizabeth Banks: Personal Trainer & Fitness Whisperer

17 October 2011 | Comment Here

Do you have to come from an Olympic family to stay healthy, sporty and active? Many people think that fitness is in your genes, and whether you are ‘prone’ to it depends more on background than habit. For Elizabeth Banks, it has always been about passion and following her dreams, as opposed to genetics. Elizabeth’s family doesn’t boast a trophy […]

Wingsuit Flying and Base Jumping with Jeb & Roberta

6 October 2011 | Comment Here

In April 2006, Jeb Corliss attempted to BASE jump off the observation deck of the Empire State Building, while wearing a camera, but was restrained by building security and arrested by the NYPD. Roberta Mancino is the best female skydiver in the world today, having broken world records and completed 7,000 skydives. She hails from Italy. The meeting of Jeb […]

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