Is this the Era of a Level Playing Field?

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by WOW Talks on 14 September 2016

ibmTechnology is a great leveller. It puts the power of knowledge and information into the hands of almost everyone so that people can compete without needing a privileged education or access to certain parts of society. Technology also offers a great opportunity for Women to take advantage of their innate skills – such as multitasking, emotional intelligence and unique perspectives which are often different to their male counterparts  –  to enhance innovation and ensure technology works in synchrony with humans.

IBM is the largest technology and consulting employer in the world and has one of the most amazing women leaders in our CEO Ginni Rometty who does everything she can to support all women across her global organisation. As she leads a global transformation of IBM,  there is no better place to launch or further your career, or even build the next great app using IBM technologies.

IBM is proud to support WOWTalks Women in Tech.  These gatherings are so important as they help us to network, learn from each other, find role models and gain strength from each other.

Come and meet the IBM UK Lab Campus and Ecosystem Development teams at WOWTalks and immerse yourself in fun, hands-on demos showing key technologies such as IBM Watson and IBM Bluemix. Join us for speed mentoring and take the opportunity to find out more about IBM as a company including our award winning IBM apprenticeship programme.

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