Jessa Messina – How can the concept of death be used to inspire your life?

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by WOW Talks on 12 November 2015
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Jessa Messina, founder of YoJo Yoga for the Co and productivity hacker, has 10 years experience bringing yoga into the workplace.

Jessa has observed the trends and evolution of the workplace over the last decade, through her company YoJo, she brings knowledge and insights on the obstacles that companies and workers face and the vantage point they receive from yoga and mindfulness in the workplace.

She started teaching in Tallahassee Florida where she brought yoga and meditation to companies, sports teams, gyms and Yoga studios. Upon moving to New York City, Jessa became a personal trainer at Equinox. As a tier 3 equinox trainer, Jessa fused personal training and yoga together and created a men’s yoga program. She has taught the FSU football team, the Columbia University women’s tennis team and recently had a year long sponsorship with Urban Outfitters bringing DJ’ed yoga classes into their stores.

Twitter: @yojonyc
Facebook: /yojoyoga
Instagram: @yojoyoga

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