Michael Eisenberg – What will you do to help your fellow citizen in our new civil society?

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by WOW Talks on 03 September 2016
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Michael Eisenberg is a Partner at Aleph, a $150MM early stage venture capital fund, which he co-founded with Eden Shochat in 2013.

Michael writes a blog at www.sixkidsandafulltimejob.blogspot.com and at Themarker.com (Hebrew) and is active on Twitter @mikeeisenberg. He is the author of the Hummus Manifesto, the seminal piece on Israel’s innovation scene.

Michael also serves on a few education-oriented non-profit boards, lectures frequently on the topics of Venture Capital, Israel and Entrepreneurship. Michael lives in Jerusalem, Israel with his wife and eight children. https://aleph.vc/?gi=7a12cddc32de

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30th March 2016,
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