Natasha Corrett Does a Body Good

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by WOW Talks on 13 September 2011

Stiglitz had the chance to catch up with Natasha Corrett, actress, singer, songwriter, daughter of Kelly Hoppen and creator of Ganesh Retreats and Honestly Healthy.

Honestly Healthy is a new, fresh, balanced and alkaline range of vegetarian foods created by Natasha and leading nutritional therapist Vicki Edgson. Launching in Selfridges’ Food Hall on 29 June, Honestly Healthy’s meals are fresh daily and contain alkalizing ingredients that balance the components of the typically acidic Western diet. Honestly Healthy provides food that nourishes the body without placing the digestive system under any strain.

Natasha is a lifestyle guru who believes that slowing down, taking care of the body and combining it all with a positive outlook all serve to create a happier, more whole existence. She spoke this summer at the Stiglitz WOW Talks held at the Wilderness Festival, and shares some thoughts here about her passions and projects.

Stiglitz: What was it on that trip to India in 2009 that made you make that decision to change your life?

Natasha: A lot of meditation! The whole Ganesh retreats came to me in a very clear vision. I think that when you step away from your daily life, you finally give yourself the space to listen to what you really want.

I think that if you make a conscious decision to do something that you are passionate about it shouldn’t be a task. But I always say that moderation is everything… if you make a sudden change in your life you will be acting on will power. It is important to make small changes that you can maintain in your daily life.

Stiglitz: What was it that inspired you to start Ganesh Retreats?

Natasha: I went on an amazing week retreat but after I felt that there was no support. I wanted to create a retreat that taught you how to integrate a holistic lifestyle into your daily life by showing you easy tips and techniques through nutrition, yoga, meditation, energy healing and positive mental attitude.

Stiglitz: What attracts people to these retreats?

Natasha: I think that they are affordable so you can do a few over the course of a year to get your holistic bliss fix… also that they are over a weekend so that you don’t have to use up any holiday time! Daily yoga and meditation, luxury accommodation, amazing nutritious food, massages, cooking lessons and an introduction to crystal healing, all in the beautiful English countryside!

Stiglitz: One of the best moments for you?

Natasha: Seeing everyone get so much out of the weekend and giving our guests the space to take some time out and rejuvenate. Also seeing everyone so relaxed on a Sunday night makes it so worthwhile.

On the retreat last November we did a walking meditation outside on the Friday night and asked everyone to write on a hot air lantern something they wanted to let go of over the weekend and after the meditation standing outside under a clear night under the stars we all let go of the lantern. It was a really wonderful moment!

Stiglitz: Why do you think so many people today have intolerances and allergies?

Natasha: I think with the amount of chemicals in our food these days our bodies are bound to react to the foods we eat so if you can stay organic as much as possible you will be helping your health. With regards to peoples food intolerance’s I think that you should listen to your body and if something makes you feel bloated or sluggish you should just stay away from them… our bodies know what we can handle. I think that Cows dairy is something that we should all try and avoid… If you think about the size of a cow and the fact that her body is in the state of pregnancy all the time producing enough hormones for a calf to grow into a full size cow and we are ingesting these hormones… its just not good for us. If you want to drink milk goats milk is the closest thing to human milk or you can try almond milk, soya milk, quinoa milk, coconut milk, rice milk… the list is endless!

Stiglitz: One person that have made an impression on you?

Natasha: My yoga teacher Durga Devi as she inspires me to get out of bed and go to class…. not only is her yoga teaching amazing but her words of encouragement and advice are something that I crave for on a daily basis!

Stiglitz: What is your next project?

Natasha: I have just launched Honestly Healthy which are nutritional meals, including chilled salads and ready-to-cook meals.
Stiglitz: Are there any charities that you support?

Natasha: I am on the committee for London for London which is a fantastic charity my best friend set up which unite london together as a community by asking every bar club and pub in the greater london area to invite everyone who walks through their door on one specific night (was the 3rd Nov in 2009) to donate just £1 towards the campaign. Every penny of every pound donated went to 3 charities who’s work addresses violence amongst young people in the capital.

Stiglitz: How do you try to be more responsible and green?

Natasha: I buy organic food, am a vegetarian, I recycle and compost, walk as much as I can which gives my dog lots of exercise and I use to bike around london until it got stolen so I need to get a new one! What is the greatest lesson you have learnt?

What ever you give out emotionally, physically or mentally you will receive, so make sure that you give out what you want to get it back!


by Sarah Coursey