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See what people are saying about us:

“… thank you so very much for allowing us to host a WOW Talks in WeWork Soho! It was such an amazing evening. It was truly an incredible feeling listening to everyone tell their story from their humble beginnings… I was so happy for our members and applauded them for their courage in addressing an audience of peers and strangers all the while keeping a smile.

Everyone that I spoke with the next day definitely appreciated the event and asked me when we would be able to do this again here at WeWork Soho Holding events like this that bring together our community is what WeWork strives for…”

Kiah Perkins, Associate Community Manager – Soho, WeWork

“I enjoyed the speakers very much! I think it was just interesting hearing the same perspectives on the same kind of idea…it’s clearly got the room buzzing.The energy’s emanating throughout the room and people are already starting to think about what they’re going to be doing with their lives, so I think that it’s quite clear that it’s made an impact.”

Daphna Salomon

“The idea of experts in a field talking about what inspires them and their narrative is a very powerful piece.”

Stephen Shashoua

“I think the quality of the speakers is great because they are people who come from the corporate world and have made a shift…and have made a shift successfully, and I think that on its own is an inspiring thing.”

Erika Bruning

“If you want to come to an event that enhances your emotional state, then come to WOW Talks, because I think this is an emotional experience.”

Dana Zelicha – Speaker

“There’s quite a nice open, sort of field where people explore together…and I think WOW Talks has also evolved as far as the format that it’s in now.”

Shama Rahman – Speaker

“Having been on the journey of experiencing deep pain, and just knowing how amazing it is to do something that I’m really passionate about, I just feel inspired to help anyone who is considering the possibility of stepping forward to give them that gentle nudge to say, you know, it is possible. I’ve done it and you can do it too.”

Katrina Love Senn – Speaker

“To hear someone’s story, not just where they got to, but their process to getting to that place is a really amazing thing to hear.”

Stephen Shahoua

“It was a good way for me to participate was speaking about my new practice, which is mindfulness and living the life I want rather than dreaming about it.”

Dana Zelicha – Speaker

“Anyone who’s thinking about going to a WOW Talk—go for sure!”

Katrina Love-Senn – Speaker

“WOW Talks are cool!”

Shama Rahman – Speaker

Preston Manor Students:

“It was so good! It was really inspirational and it got me to open my mind and stuff….all the questions that I had going through my mind when taking my GCSEs, they answered them.”

“It just further inspired me to make sure that I actually accomplish something out of my life.”

“Some people really need the motivation right now, especially my age.”

“Three years from now, realistically, where could I be? That really puts everything into perspective.”

“It’s also inspired me to also pursue my dream of also maybe becoming a teacher as well.”

“That whole lawyer doctor route” isn’t always what you want to do. It’s not always required.”

“Parents, a lot of the time, they unintentionally put pressure on their children as students. It’s good to alleviate stress by following your dream.”

“It’s nice to see people from Preston Manor, the school that we actually go to, actually make something out of themselves.”

“Organizing such an event gave me quite a few ideas on how I might do that in the future.”

WOW Talks Student Representative, Preston Manor School

“There’s no cost to inspiration.”

Preston Manor Faculty:

“It’s something we’d recommend. It’s an exciting and different project that I’m confident students would want to be engaged with.”

Matthew Lantos, Headteacher, Preston Manor School.

“I think often that the conversations that educationalists try to have with young people, sometimes is not the connectivity that you hope for, and I think another way in, potentially, is to hear people from their community speak. Some of whom, at times, found it challenging to be at school, but have gone on to do some amazing things.”

Daniel Graham, Assistant Headteacher, Preston Manor School

“We’re very proud at Preston Manor that we’ve been able to be the first school in the UK, I think really in the world, to get involved with WOW Talks. It has provided a real space for our students to really think about their dreams.”

Matthew Lantos, Headteacher, Preston Manor School