Richard Bowdler on Why Family Matters

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by WOW Talks on 08 September 2011
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by Sarah Coursey

WOW Talks had the pleasure of  hosting Richard Bowdler for the WOW Talks held at The Wilderness Festival this August.  A pioneer in the field of memory intention, he has created the company CityMemory, which provides techniques, guides and materials to allow people to retain and learn information in a highly effective fashion.  He is also especially passionate about family as a vehicle for world peace . He shared his thoughts with us on life, family and inspiration.

WOW Talks: What are you committed to?

Richard:  Iam committed to a couple of things, namely transforming the way in which the world learns information and world peace through family unity.

WOW Talks:  Why is family so important to you, and why is it so essential to world peace?

Richard: family is important to me, because they are the source of my existence. your family is the source of your existence.  If we are to expect anything like world peace, then that must start with ourselves and our own relationships and families.

WOW Talks: How do you define world peace?

Richard: World peace is a game that starts with you.  It is that moment you experience complete love and infinite compassion for yourself and everything around you.  World peace is when you share other people, you create it first by declaring that this is what you are committed to, and then continue to declare it and never give up.

WOW Talks: How do you create family unity, for example, in families where there is divorce?

Richard: Divorce and family unity are not mutually exclusive, you can have love and affinity present and exist in a state of divorce.

WOW Talks: Can you please summarise the talk that you gave at the WOW Talks at The Wilderness Festival?

Richard: I spoke about what i am creating in my working life: a digital platform called CityMemory that allows people to create a visual narrative out of their syllabus and share it with other people to transform the way the world learns information, starting with visually coding all of the world’s syllabuses.  This is my contribution to the planet and to world peace.

I realised that to be an authentic contribution to the planet and world peace, then I also stand for that in my own life as well as looking to create that for others. What was stopping me was emotional baggage from the past.

In September 2009, my father and his brother had not spoken for ten years and I realised that I was committed to transforming that.  What I realised is that I could make a difference and kept speaking into existence that I was committed to family unity – a year and a half later they had dinner together.

WOW Talks: That brings us quite nicely to my last query.  As every speaker at a WOW Talk ends on a question, what were yours?

Richard: The experience with my family led me to inspire other people to make a difference in their own families and make a difference on the planet, hence my questions:

What are you committed to/whats your contribution?

What are you going to do about it?

If not now, when?