WOW Talks for Schools is a new and transformational initiative that brings the unique WOW Talks brand and event format to schools across the world, starting with UK.

Our highly engaging platform uses a blend of entertaining and insightful live ‘talks’ and online video content to inspire students to identify their unique talents and follow their dreams and aspirations.

WOW Talks for Schools benefits school students in the following ways:

•  Inspires and motivates students to discover their unique talents, develop
 confidence and gain clarity of their educational and professional paths, creating an ‘I can do it too’ attitude

•  Gives students greater confidence and self-belief to follow their dreams, aspirations and passions by choosing a career path they truly love

  Connects students with real-world experiences via real people sharing their 
inspiring personal stories

•  Empowers and cultivates the ‘leader within’ by giving students the opportunity to lead and
 produce their own WOW Talks events, giving students a sense of accomplishment and
 hands-on experience

•  Breaks down generational barriers and creates an open pathway of communication between
 students and graduates who are part of the WOW Talks community 

For further information on how to bring WOW Talks for Schools to your school, please contact