Headroom at Work Starts in Your Body

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by WOW Talks on 03 August 2011

Alexandra Davids from Inside 80 has created a unique energy improvement system, not only good news for your work but great news for your home and social life. She teaches people about their personal physical profile and how to use it, like a professional athlete, to build to key moments in their business year without having to give anything up in their lives.

In part two of this three-part series, Alexandra explains the pitfalls of peak performance and gives tips on how to strike that magic balance.

Personal boom and crash cycle

Most people know that overdosing on adrenaline at work and then expecting a holiday to repair the damage doesn’t work. How many of us have longed for that break, only to fall ill while we’re “relaxing”? Although we know this adrenaline-crash-adrenaline cycle doesn’t work, many of the services on offer continue to reinforce our patterns of behaviour.

This means performance sustainability remains a dream rather than becoming an everyday reality for most busy and stressed executives.

Sustainable performance needs to start in the workplace and is rarely achieved by focusing only on fitness. Instead of improving efficiency at work or becoming healthier, we need to take an “and” approach that delivers both parts of the sustainable performance goal.

When faced with the suggestion of doing both, people generally tell us: “I don’t have time to fix my health because I’m so worn out from work!”

In this common chicken and egg conversation, where should people start?

Spiralling up or down

We suggest clients fix their work situation first, which will reduce their stress levels. This first fix saves time and creates the headroom to improve an individual’s health.

Better health in turn provides more energy to work even more efficiently. The individual ends up in a positive spiral instead of the negative spiral of over-work interspersed by inadequate recovery periods.

True work-life balance only comes from getting your body into balance at work and therefore our solutions apply health concepts to the workplace. We don’t rely on encouraging people to get fit and hope this somehow reduces their stress at work.

Combining the approach to “work” and “fitness”, instead of keeping them in separate boxes, is what delivers sustainable performance.

Using our Inside 80 indicator, we help clients understand their body’s natural pace. Do they tend towards the fast (100) or slow (0) end of the pace spectrum?

Do people prefer to complete each task in sequence (slow-paced), or prefer to work on several tasks at the same time (fast-paced)? Neither approach is better because both individuals will finish the whole job at the same time. They just go about their work in different ways.