WOW Shorts // Yazan Al-Jurf

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by WOW Talks on 22 May 2014
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Getting on to the point, my name is Yazan Al-Jurf. I suffered from a medical condition called Marble Bone which causes bones to be thicker than usual, making my bones more brittle than a normal person’s. This disease has limited me from playing sports, and I was mostly trapped at home when I was a child.
Due to being reckless, I broke my bones several times which caused me to be obese at one point. The lack of moving around and being in hospital beds caused me a lot of not just physical stress, but also mental which at one point of my life, led the hospitals to hire psychiatrist for me.After my recovery, I escaped from my hospital life and chose fitness as my scapegoat. I decided to workout every day just for the heck of it, since I was lonely and had nothing better to do. I also worked out to solely look better. As weeks passed by, I lost a lot of weight quickly. More years passed by and I started working out as a hobby and decided to study and pursue it more seriously.

Discovering about bodybuilding has made me to whom I am today. I became really passionate about it. I want to show people that whatever condition you are in or struggles you may have, you could always come out of it and become anything you want to be. My blog is going to be about me and fitness, showing good health and balance and presenting people a dream. If you dream it you can achieve it, every dream can come true, you just have to believe in yourself; optimism is everything.”